What If Wednesday: New Projects And Old Lists

I downloaded the fabric requirements for the BOM quilt this week and pulled the fabric.
I’m excited to start this project. The first block instructions post Friday.
As much as I love a new project, my mega-list of projects and techniques to try wears on me. If I attack them one at a time I will need 200 years to make a dent in the list.
Rather than never make anything outside the list, like that is even possible, I decided to incorporate some of those old ideas into new projects.
I’ve wanted to make a quilt in neutrals for years, way before “modern quilting” became mainstream. The BOM quilt is the perfect place for this. I’ve collected neutral fabrics for years and have a boatload of them.

neutral-fabricsThis may not be the typical neutral palette, but I like it. I may need a few more grays or pale blues to round things out. That’s something I can figure out along the way. I want to make sure to give those gray and blue bargain fabrics a chance to find me.
I love merging the old and new ideas. Both of them together become more than either would have been on its own. There’s a natural flow to seeing the quilt and picking the fabrics. Who knows how long I would have struggled to come up with a pattern if I had picked the fabrics first.
This palette is way out of my comfort zone of bright bold colors. I figure it will either turn out beautiful or blah. Either way I expect to learn a lot.
For now I’ll be happy to find an empty project box big enough to hold it all.

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