Another Step Out Of The Zone

I just signed up for the 350 blocks project over at Praire Moon Quilts.
Just to be clear, hell will freeze over before I make 350 quilt blocks this year.
I’m not much of a traditional quilter. There is some flexibility in how “blocks” are counted and now I’m curious as to how much sewing I do in a year. My participation is solely to satisfy my curiosity and to help me remember to track it.
If you are interested in the project you can read about it here.
Coupled with the BOM, I think this will do me for group projects for the year. I’ve felt the need lately to shake up what I do in the sewing room and get myself out of a creative rut. If sewing things I don’t usually sew, using colors I don’t usually use, and tracking things I usually ignore doesn’t do it, I’m not sure what will. If nothing else, I will think about The Short List in a whole new way.
The goal here is to use up fabric, finish UFOs and use ideas off the wish list to make projects. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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One Response to Another Step Out Of The Zone

  1. Congratulations! It isn’t really about how many blocks you make, but keeping track sure helps keep me on track. Welcome to a fun group!

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