Stash Report And That Darn Thrift

I had guild in Ann Arbor yesterday, which means we went to our favorite thrift shop. I managed to limit myself to one piece of Nancy Halverson for Benartex. I just couldn’t leave it there when it only cost $2. My other big score was a small broiler pan I can use to cook salmon. It looked like it had never been used.

benartex-fabricNo fabric out this week. I’m plugging away at a couple projects, but don’t anticipate a finish this week. I would like to finish at least one project this month and get back to positive usage.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 1.75 yards
Fabric out: 0
Net Fabric ADDED: 1.75 yards

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3 Responses to Stash Report And That Darn Thrift

  1. Charlene S says:

    Sometimes I get discouraged when there continues to be a 0 in the used column for weeks or even months UNTIL I realize that I have been sewing every day and using fabric every day. Then suddenly the project is finished and a big used amount shows up. I am sure your ‘big’ use will show up this month. Keep plugging away.

  2. Dar in MO says:

    Good find on the fabric. My thought is if it is such a good price, then it is worth the addition to the stash report. It will get used eventually. I’m aiming for one finish a month too. Good luck to you on that front.

  3. Melanie says:

    What a great find! I hope that I could get lucky finding fabric at such a good price!

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