Stash Report And Little Progress

Nothing added or used this week.
I’m in the middle of everything where nothing much happens. I didn’t get as much sewing time in this week as I’ve been struggling with fatigue. By 8:00 I can’t keep my eyes open let alone work with sharp objects. The whole thing is weird since I haven’t been sick and don’t feel like I’m coming down with anything.
I worked out the quilting design for Bouncing Bubbles, and then realized my plan for the painted circles would flatten them. I’m glad I had a chance to come up with plan B before I started stitching them. The appliquéd circles are now all quilted with decorative stitches.

appliqued-circlesIf nothing else I’m learning a lot on this one.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 1.75 yards
Fabric out: 0
Net Fabric ADDED: 1.75 yards

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5 Responses to Stash Report And Little Progress

  1. Dee ee says:

    Numbers can change so quickly with a finished project or a trip to the quilt shop! Your bouncing bubbles quilt looks interesting.

  2. Melanie says:

    Hope you feel better. Sometimes your body just needs to rest. Listen to it. 🙂

  3. Charlene S says:

    Sometimes to get the results you want you have to enhance the stash. I am using fabric b/c I see empty fabric boards and finished blocks but nothing is counted until quilted. The good news is that 2 small(for me) quilts will be finished in January. The lack of sunlight does cause fatigue. If the fatigue continues, get a check up.

  4. anudge says:

    Have you had your thyroid and Vitamin D checked recently?

  5. I like your bouncing bubbles so far. Hope your energy level comes back soon.

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