February Short List And Block Report

January sure went fast. I pulled the fabrics for the BOM and fit in creative play, although not very successfully. I did not finish any of the other projects on the list.
If you are a new reader, the Short List is something old (UFO), something new, something BOM related and Creative Play.
Something Old – Bouncing Bubbles is more than half quilted. I hope to finish it soon.

painted-circlesSomething New – The rectangular four patch, which I’ve renamed Modern Geisha. It’s ready to quilt.

r4p-topSomething Else New – I need to start my slice quilt section, which is due at my Art Quilt Group March meeting.

slice-quilt-picYet Something Else New – I started working on a tumbler quilt kit I picked up at guild a few months ago. The finished quilt will go to the battered women’s shelter. Twelve of the thirteen rows are pieced together and sewn into pairs.

tumblers-in-processQuilt Addicts Anonymous BOM – The first step came out January 17th. The January block has 63 pieces and I have to admit I’m a little intimidated. I need to make two of them. The February block posted today and I may piece those first. I need to make 14 of a variation of the 54-40 or fight block.
Creative Play – January’s effort didn’t amount to much. I may pick up where I left off or do something totally different.

creative-play-1For the 350 blocks project, I’m counting all those tumbler rows as 12 blocks. We can use discretion on projects that don’t include traditional blocks. Everything else I worked on was pieced prior to January and doesn’t count for this year.
The Something New category got a little out of hand last month. No more adding until I finish a few things!

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2 Responses to February Short List And Block Report

  1. Gayle says:

    What size pins do you baste with? I pinned my little quilts and they wound up shifting all over the place. I normally spray baste but since I got my dining room table and floor redone that it not possible. Going to have to come up with something for the next batch of quilts!

  2. anudge says:

    You got a lot done!

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