What If Wednesday: What If I Don’t

The next week is one of temptation. A local quilt shop has a big sale coming. The library has a book sale. The idea of starting a new project has reared its ugly head. Big sigh.
I’m still debating the fabric sale. My stash has holes in it. I know this because I spent a half hour looking for a piece of dark green fabric the other night. Any piece would do. I had to dig through project boxes to find one, always a bad idea. I set that fabric aside for a reason.
I think I can pass on the book sale. I’m still working through my stack of books from the last few sales. In my own defense, I often donate the books back after I read them so the library can sell them again. On average, I read two or three books a week.
The new project idea has more to do with enjoying handwork in the winter than seeing something shiny and new. I do this every winter. The cold nights lend themselves to curling up with a quilt and hand stitching.
The only drawback to any of these activities is that they directly oppose my desire to have less stuff and simplify my life.
So why consider any of them?
And that question got me thinking about the trend of always needing more.
Can I enjoy browsing a quilt shop and not buy anything? Yes. My travel buddy can vouch for me on that one.
Book sales are actually harder for me, but I have walked out of them empty handed. I really do enjoy a good book.
As a compromise on the handwork, I made a small project last weekend that took me less than two hours all in. I may give that another try or dig through the things I’ve already bought and start one of those.
Will I regret passing up the sales? I think not.
The handwork project is something I’ve thought about for a month now. When an idea won’t go away it’s easier to accept the inevitable. There’s always a new project somewhere down the road. I don’t know that it matters if it’s sooner or later.
I’m not sure where that leaves me, but I’ll know in the next week. There’s an attractiveness in the peace of simplicity. Maybe I’ll focus on that.

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