Gluten Free And Other Updates

I few weeks ago I posted about gluten free breakfast and my inability to find Chex instant oatmeal at the store. I emailed the nice people at General Mills, and they confirmed they took it off the market.
Last weekend at Walmart, I found that Quaker sells gluten free instant oatmeal in the cardboard container, just like their regular oatmeal. It costs about the same and cooks up nicer than what I bought at Trader Joe’s. All is good in the breakfast world.
I also posted a while back about suffering from fatigue. I changed multi-vitamins, which helped. I’m also drinking more water. I have no idea if that helps or not, but I figure it doesn’t hurt. I still have rough days, but not nearly as many.
I also fit in creative play time last weekend. Now that I’ve done it once I’m ready to do it again. I think the key is to stick to small quick projects for instant gratification. Now I’m looking at simple projects in a different way.
Lastly, I picked a hand work project so I can practice my appliqué. I bought a book called Hearts Aplenty by the Possibilities ladies at my guild’s library book sale last year. The quilt pattern is Country Hearts.

country-heartsA lot of the hearts need to go, so I plan to redesign several blocks. I figure it will take me a couple years to do all that applique. The blocks are bigger than they look. The colors will have to change too. By the time I’m done it will probably be a totally different quilt.
And there you have this week’s updates.
Hope everyone stays warm this weekend. We’re having quite the cold snap here.

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