Let’s Talk Scraps

We all have them.
And no matter how many pieces I pull out of the scrap box to use in quilts, I still can’t fit the lid on the box.
I made a fabric basket this week to use to store scraps. I sort mine by color. This is the green basket.

scrap-basket-greensMost my scraps are in plastic storage containers or cardboard gift boxes, neither of which is ideal. The cardboard gets those tiny mites and the plastic containers sometimes draw dampness. I plan to move all my scraps to breathable containers made of natural fibers.
After I finished the fabric basket, I sorted through the green scraps to remove anything too small to use. I removed a small pile, but wondered if I should have pulled more. How small is too small?
I don’t know the answer to that. I do not cut my scraps into strips or squares because I’m not much of a traditional quilter. I don’t know that I would use either. More likely I’d end up looking for patterns to fit the shapes I’d cut.
I can wait to figure that out until after I’ve made enough baskets for all the scraps. Maybe I’ll be inspired to make a specific pattern after I see exactly what I have.
For anyone looking for ideas on organizing or using scrap, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is starting up a challenge. You can see her post here.
If I pick up one good idea from that challenge, I consider it a win. Meanwhile, I’ll keep making baskets and sorting scraps.

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