March Short List

I like the sound of that. Makes me feel like spring is here even though it snowed yesterday.
I finished two items on the February Short List, a UFO and my creative play project. I also made two things that weren’t on the list. I didn’t make any blocks for the 350 block project. My YTD block count is super sad. This may be the 35 block project instead.
If you are a new reader, the Short List is something old (UFO), something new, something BOM related and Creative Play.
Something Old: Confetti Breeze. All this quilt needs is a sleeve sewn on the back and embellishments sewn on the front. Poor thing has been waiting on me two and a half years.

confetti-breeze-quiltedSomething New: The slice quilt section. I am assembling this one.

slice-fabricsSomething Else New: Modern Geisha. It still needs quilted

r4p-topYet Something else New: Tumblers. Probably won’t get back to this one until April.

tumblers-in-processNo more new quilts until I finish some!
BOM: I’m two full months behind now. The next set of block instructions will post this week.
Creative Play: No idea what I’m doing this month. I really enjoyed last month’s project. Just have to remember to keep it small.
Once I get the new projects back to one, I’m keeping the list at four projects. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed by too many things going on at once. I envy those people that start one quilt and work on it until it’s finished, and then start another one. I’m in awe of your discipline.
It gives me something to work towards.

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