Back To The Breeze

With the finish of the dreaded slice quilt, I started working on Confetti Breeze again. I got bogged down in deciding how to embellish the quilt. I knew I wanted to add 3-D fabric bits but couldn’t get my mind around how to make them.
I finally decided to use a lightweight fusible web to make a small piece of two sided fabric that I cut into smaller pieces. I used one piece of fabric for the back and scraps for the front. I ran stitching all over the piece before I cut it up, in case the fusible released over time. In hindsight, I probably should have stitched more.

confetti-breeze-v1Now that I see it through the eye of the camera, I realize this is not the vision I had for this quilt.  The original design included three “rows” of fabric bits – the one I have, a blue row in the brown, and a brown row in the blue. I can feel the need to change this.  I’m also thinking about adding beads.
The quilt is quiet now, it will tell me what it needs as I work on it. It has definitely told me what it doesn’t like. My first round of fabric bits was twice the size of what’s on there now.
The best part is that the process led me to an idea for this month’s creative play. More on that later.

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