Looking For The Spark

I finished sewing the hanging sleeve on Confetti Breeze last night. I’m tempted to call it a finished quilt. It’s quilted and faced. All it really needs is a label.
But I just can’t bring myself to leave it naked. I planned on adding more and I can’t seem to let that go. The quilt looks flat to me. Boring. Uninspired.
I rearranged the fabric bits to see if that helped. Maybe a little. Here’s the last picture.

confetti-breeze-v1Here’s the new picture.

confetti-breeze-v2A little better.
I auditioned bright red and dark red, black, pink and orange. I changed the bits to triangles and thin lines. The closest I came to something interesting was orange triangles. Think curvy flying geese in 3D.
As I’ve spent the last couple days thinking about this quilt, I realized why it stayed on the UFO list so long. Every quilt on the list is there because I hit the place where I had to step way out of my comfort zone to finish it. The three UFOS before this one fit the same pattern. I hope it gets easier over time or it will be a long hard road to the end of the UFO list.
I’m determined to get there though, one challenging quilt at a time.

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