April Scrap Goal

There’s a scrap challenge going on over at Confessions Of A Fabric Addict. The best part of the challenge is that each participant sets her own goal for the month.

In March I organized all my scraps on one shelf. In April I will decide how to start using them.

I didn’t think pre-cutting into standard sizes would work for me, so I’m looking at patterns I can make from scraps and donate to charity. My goal for April is to decide on a pattern and get the fabric cut and kitted up for the quilt. I already have a charity quilt going and want to finish it before I start another one. The Short List is also set for April. Adding to that would be overkill.

Right now I’m liking patterns in the Spring 2011 issue of Best Quilts For Kids magazine. I found several that work for Heartbeat (quilts for unwed mothers) or Safe House (battered women’s shelter). Some patterns can be adapted for either.

quilts-for-kidsI think my sister picked this magazine up for me at a garage sale or flea market. It’s a Quilters Newsletter publication.

Check out the links at Confessions Of A Fabric Addict to see everyone’s April goals.

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One Response to April Scrap Goal

  1. I don’t cut my scraps into strips or squares either, preferring to leave them as-is until I know what I’ll use them for.

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