Stash Report And A Day Of Surprises

Either nothing happens with the stash in a week or everything happens.

I finished Modern Geisha and made the thread catcher (last post) for 5.25 yards out. I was so excited because it put me within a yard of positive numbers.

modern-geisha-doneYesterday I went to a moving sale. I was in guild years ago with the owner but don’t belong to that group anymore. The drive out was my worst drive anywhere this winter. We had 6 – 8 inches of snow the night before and the roads had a couple inches of ice on them. I knew I’d drive out of it because they had less snow where the sale was and that county actual sent their plows out. It was like living in The South.

There was too much fabric to tag, so they sold it by the plastic grocery bag. My guild does their fabric sale the same way, and I knew a bag like that holds 20-ish yards.

Or not.

Almost all the fabric was in one to five yard cuts. It seems when you start bagging larger well folded pieces instead of many smaller unfolded pieces you can get a lot more in the bag. Like over 31 yards.

moving-sale-fabricYikes! I now have backing fabric for the next ten years.

I found a few yards of good quilt shop fabric (SSI, Moda, Benartex), but most of it was a step down from that, like you find at the big fabric warehouses scattered around the country. The large cuts make it perfect for backing charity quilts.

Although I haven’t given up, that may have done me in for the year.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 40 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 32 3/8 yards

Yarn In: 15 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 385 yds

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5 Responses to Stash Report And A Day Of Surprises

  1. Charlene S says:

    Sometimes you just have to collect fabric.

  2. Melanie says:

    I love your Modern Geisha quilt.

  3. Kate says:

    Congrats on the finish. It’s hard to pass up those kind of fabric bargins. Hopefully you can start using up what you took in soon.

  4. Dar in MO says:

    Your modern Geisha quilt looks real pretty. What a great sale you ran into — worth the drive, I’d say.

  5. Joy says:

    Well…congratulations on your find! I know it doesn’t take the numbers in the direction you want, but I believe you can come close to balancing it out by the end of the year. It’s just a little extra motovation! Blessings!

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