What If Wednesday – Trimmings

I started working on the block of the month this week. I only need to make two blocks for April because I downsized the original pattern. I also changed the palette to low volume neutrals and the background from a dark fabric to a light fabric.

All that said, it’s much harder to pick fabrics for these blocks than I expected. Every fabric goes with every other fabric and the background. Hard to make a wrong choice. A had a couple mock ups that would have worked. Even choosing between those was hard.

But choose I did. There are a lot of HSTs in this block, and the pattern called for cutting large and trimming down. These are the trimmings from one block.

trimmingsI threw them in the trash as I cut just to get them out of the way. When I was done I looked at the trash and thought it looked interesting. Interesting enough that I pulled all the trimmings out of the trash and put them in a little basket.

What if I kept them and used them in an art quilt? The pile reminds me of a bird’s nest.

The quilt has a bajillion blocks. I imagine I’ll have quite a lot of trimmings by the end.

Gotta love those unexpected possibilities.

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