Where It All Began

I had an overwhelming urge to start a handwork project this weekend. I didn’t feel like starting a new appliqué quilt. I wanted something with stitches on fabric, like embroidery. I dug through my kits and printed designs and decided on this baby quilt.

bear-cross-stitchThis is the project that started it all.

Mom and Dad brought this home for me one Saturday afternoon when I was about five or six years old. I’m sure they picked it up at the Five and Dime.   I have no idea what made them think I would enjoy embroidery. Maybe it had more to do with every little girl in the 1960s needed to know how to cook and iron and embroider.

I stitched up a couple blocks way back then and ditched the whole project. Later I learned to crochet and do crewel embroidery, and stuck with those until I hit my teens. I did nothing else until after I graduated from college and married.

At some point I cleared all my yarn and craft supplies out of mom’s house and this kit was stored with all the rest. I pitched the original two blocks when I was cleaning things out in my thirties. They were truly awful, and I’d left the metal hoop on one of them and it rusted beyond saving.

The instruction sheet doesn’t even have the manufacturer’s name on it. The floss is the original floss that was bought with the blocks. I’m amazed how well it held its color.

This is where my creative journey began. It’s also my oldest UFO, which I find incredibly funny.

This time I’m going to finish it.

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