Creative Play With Leaves

A while back I posted about this book.

German-quilt-bookI checked it out of the library and renewed it when it came due. I think I can renew it one more time before I have to give it up. I may need to buy this one.
I like so many of the projects in this book. I didn’t want to start a big quilt though, so I made a leaf block instead.

leaf-block-1The authors call it a tree block, but it looks more like a leaf to me. There is no pattern, just general cutting instructions. I still need to sew triangles in the corner to turn the block into a rectangle, but didn’t want to do that until I decided how I want to use the blocks.
The main fabric is a hand painted scrap from years gone by. It looks like I either twisted it or wrapped it around something to create texture.
I plan to experiment more with this block. The next one will use fabric pieced from scraps. The block may not look very big, but you start with a 10 x 6 rectangle plus a narrow strip the width of the fabric. The brown came out of the scrap bin.
Lots of possibilities with this one.

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