The Thought Of A Leaf

I’d love to report I finished something, but it was one of those work weeks that got the best of me. I’m always amazed when multiple projects hit crisis at the same time. It’s a little like the kids getting sick, the car breaking down, the roof leaking and losing your keys all in the same week. It’s best to just hold on and ride the wave of chaos until you get to shore.

As much as I wanted to sew the next leaf block, I didn’t get past pulling out some scraps and ironing out all the wrinkles.

leaf-2-fabricsMaybe I didn’t iron out as many wrinkles as I thought.

Tomorrow is my guild day and the possibility exists that the stash may take another large hit. No guilt on that after the week from hell. The next few weeks will require either a lot of sewing or a lot of dark chocolate….or both.

Just not at the same time.

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