Stash Report And The Rest Of It

No fabric added or used this week. I went to Joann’s for thread and also bought a couple purse patterns for $1 each. I looked for the solid homespun, but they only had a few bolts that were all plaids. Just as well.

And since I never posted the bulk of the fabric I bought last weekend….

guild-sale-fabricIt looks a little worse than it is because most the fabrics in the middle are small pieces, a half yard or less.

My favorite find is the kimono silk on the right. I bought a yard of that to use in art quilts. I love the birds on it, and kimono silk just glows when you paint it.

I’m quilting the tumbler top, with hopes of a finish to bring down the numbers soon.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 70 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 8 5/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 61.75 yards

Yarn In: 21 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 379 yds

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2 Responses to Stash Report And The Rest Of It

  1. Kate says:

    The silk is beautiful. Lots of fun fabrics to play with.

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