What If Wednesday – Inspiration Everywhere

What if I get out once in a while to get inspired by art that is not made from fabric?
That’s just what I did last weekend. We headed over to Artist As Quiltmaker at the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. After about five minutes there we wondered why we’d never gone before.
I decided not to go to the national quilt shows this year and hit the smaller regional shows and exhibits instead. This one was well worth the trip. We were the only people at the exhibit and could linger over the quilts as long as we wanted.
The exhibit includes 32 quilts by as many artists. The quilts were well constructed and included techniques that we hadn’t seen before, which is saying something since we’ve gone to Quilt National for years. Very inspiring.
The gallery across the hall contained an exhibit of origami that inspired me even more. I’ve never seen anything like it. There were face-sized masks constructed of folded paper. I must have mentally kicked myself a dozen times for forgetting my camera. There were no photo restrictions at either exhibit.
Going to venues other than quilt shows to find quilt inspiration isn’t a new idea, but I never would have thought I’d find inspiration in origami. I had to sketch in the absence of my camera, and sketch I did. Hopefully, this experience will teach me to remember my camera (I usually forget it).
I’ll be looking for other exhibits to visit before the snow flies. And next time I will remember my camera.

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