Thinking And Rethinking

I’ve been rethinking the Market Bag fabrics after my foray through the scrap bin and the Fat Quarter bag finish. This is what I’ve pulled so far.

market-bag-fabricsI think these fabrics will work. I have another piece set aside for possible lining, but may make do with what’s already here. It depends on whether or not I have enough yardage in the bigger cuts.

I’m also exploring an idea for a new project or possible series. The idea has been trying to get my attention for about a month and finally succeeded. It must think me a little slow. I think I just didn’t want to recognize it for what it was because it will force me to improve my drawing and free motion quilting skills, explore art quilt techniques and potentially move into 3-D work, all things I have wanted to do for a while. Perhaps not all at once, but definitely on the long-term goal list.

The idea and I are still negotiating. I think we can make it work if it doesn’t expect too much out of me too fast and I can agree to show up. We may even do a trial run and call it Creative Play.

Good thing the sewing room doubles as a guest room. I don’t think this idea is leaving anytime soon.

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