Nothing Much

It’s been one of those weeks around here.

It’s been stinking hot for days, except for last Saturday. Otherwise, going outside feels like walking into a very humid oven.

We’d had some plumbing issues that are more an inconvenience than anything.

I’m still working on the raffle block borders, so nothing new to show there.

I’ve been pricing things for my guild’s garage sale this Saturday. The goal is to sell more than I buy. I usually head straight for the books since they are my first love. A girl can never have too many quilt books.

I even checked a quilt book out of the library today because every middle-aged woman needs a puppy quilt for her wall. That or a Santa face potholder. Maybe both.

scrap-bookWe’re also trying to nail down our vacation plans. I don’t like to get too far from Mom and it seems like we’ve been almost everywhere we want to go, and some places we didn’t, that are a reasonable drive from here. I co-worker gave me a good idea though, and I’m exploring that.

I’m more than ready for that vacation.

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