More Of The Same

I spent almost no time in the sewing room this week.
The plumbing inconvenience has turned into a major annoyance and will not be fixed until next week. The only thing worse than no water is no electricity.
I finished pricing the garage sale items and filled the entire back of my SUV with things that will no longer live here after tomorrow. Not everything will go to the garage sale, but it will go. It’s a liberating feeling to get rid of a truckload of stuff.
I would love to do more of that, but I had to face an unfortunate truth. I can catch up at work or finish lots of quilting projects or declutter or finish home improvement projects, but I cannot do all those things at the same time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. The best I can do is finish a project in one category and then move on to a project in another category.
Perhaps next week I’ll finish another project on the quilting Short List.
Have a great weekend!

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1 Response to More Of The Same

  1. I was just having the same thoughts this morning… want to write up a draft blog, finish knocking the tiles of the bathroom wall, get into the garden..should really waft a duster around, oh and the floors need doing. It’s a miracle we manage to juggle our jobs, homes and artistic endeavours. It’s all about balence and prioritising isn’t it…. needless to say I am sat at my PC on a blog site while around me is chaos…but I’m happy. Hope you get your quilting project back on track next week! 🙂

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