What If Wednesday: Too Much Inspiration

Some ideas come by a rather circular route.

I started listening to a new-to-me podcast called The Minimalists. Very interesting stuff, although I have no plans to get rid of most my belongings. My family would, no doubt, revolt.

Anyway, someone submitted a question about artists and minimalism. Artists tend to have lots of stuff, whether it’s tools, supplies, books or raw materials. Part of the response suggested that too many raw materials inhibited creativity.


Let’s start with the supplies part of the equation.

I have a fabric stash, bigger than some, significantly smaller than others. I usually sew after 8:00 pm, but sometimes before 8:00 am. I rarely sew during business hours because I’m working. Without the stash, chances are good I would not have what I needed when I had time to sew. I rarely follow a pattern and make a lot of design decisions as I go. I know quilters that buy fabric for each project as needed, but I can’t see that working for me.

Now let’s talk books because I definitely have a thing for them. What if too many books and magazines inhibit creativity?

They may have something here.

Back when I first started quilting, I didn’t have many books or magazines. I would look at what I had over and over. I would imagine design changes and different colors. I would make sketches that added and subtracted lines and patterns. I would use small sections of a quilt in a different design, completely out of context.

Did fewer resources make me more creative?

Maybe. And that’s something I will think about. I can see how too many ideas can paralyze, but I can also see it doesn’t have to. Inspiration can also invigorate.

The big question is how it affects each of us. I will observe and adjust accordingly.

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One Response to What If Wednesday: Too Much Inspiration

  1. Denise says:

    Interesting blog post! I can be creative is my space when it’s a mess but I can’t get started on a project unless everything is in it’s place. My book collection doesn’t get used but it’s my confidence builder. I will ponder more on what inhibits/ inspires my creativity.

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