The Books And The Questions

The work continues here on the question of too much inspiration and the realization that I don’t put my heart in my quilts.

To address the inspiration question, I started reading those all those books. I finished two so far. The Stitching To Dye book has inspired the freeform log cabin blocks, which will become a background for a piece inspired by Sew Embellished! Who says inspiration for a quilt has to come from only one book?

inspiration-booksThanks to everyone for all the positive feedback log cabin/dyeing project. Things are moving along and I’m enjoying the process.

The same project is my first step toward creating quilts that are more a reflection of me. I’ve always loved working with dyes and paints, but it does take time. The mess discourages some people but never bothered me. I usually dye in my kitchen and scrub the counters really well when I’m done. Same with the paints, although I sometimes use those in my sewing room. That explains the metallic stain on my cutting mat.

I love the idea of combining unstructured piecing with surface design. It’s the best of both worlds.

I must be on the right track because along came The Second Roadblock, and it was even more devastating than the first. The first isn’t resolved so now there are two piled on top of each other. Or sitting next to each other. Whichever makes then harder to move around, no doubt.

I responded by clinging desperately to my creative time, like my life depends on it. The drama will eventually pass. If I can create through the chaos, I can create through anything.

Somehow, I think that may be the point.

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