Long Overdue Gluten Free Post

I’ve been remiss. Time to catch up on gluten free (GF) goodness.

The first win was this GF pancake mix.

gf-pancake-mixUnfortunately, I have no idea where I bought it and can’t find it again. If you see it, it’s a winner.

The next item is a first for me. I bought Pillsbury’s GF flour and used it in some of my tried and true recipes…and hated it. My biscuits tasted like paste balls. I can no longer find the GF flour I used for years, making a substitute the only choice.

Enter this book.

sylvanas-kitchenI checked it out of the library and picked numerous recipes I wanted to try. The first one I made was pancakes (note empty box of mix above). The author uses her own flour blend, which was eerily similar to the ingredients of Pillsbury’s GF flour. Big win not having to make my own.

The pancakes turned out fantastic! They were so good that I drove to Barnes & Noble right after breakfast and bought the book.

I learned a valuable lesson here. The problem wasn’t the GF flour, the problem was how I was using it. It required a different approach than the last brand.

Me and the doughboy go way back, so I’m glad we can still be friends.

As always, I have no affiliation to any of the companies mentioned above. I just like to share a good thing when I find it.

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1 Response to Long Overdue Gluten Free Post

  1. gretchenfire says:

    The Maple Grove GF Pancake & Waffle mix is available on Amazon in case you really want some.

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