Book Experiment Round Three

Weeks ago I decided to randomly pick a book off the shelf at the library and read it. I did not review the summary on the book jacket. I just picked it up and made sure it wasn’t one of the few genres that bore me silly and then checked it out.
My first random selection was Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. I didn’t make it through that book.
My second selection was River Road by Carol Goodman. This book I liked. I had a few issues with the characters behaving in ways that didn’t fit their personalities, but overall I give it a thumbs up. I would read this author again.
My next selection was The Book of Peach by Penelope Stokes. I have not read this author before. She published a dozen books before this one, but I have never heard of her. I never heard of any of the authors that provided those little positive blurbs on the back cover either, which makes me think this book is well out of my normal reading zone.
Either I will like it or I won’t. The experiment continues…

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