Book Experiment Round Four

For this round I chose The Book Of Peach by Penelope Stokes.

I didn’t love the book and I didn’t hate it. I skimmed small sections because it moved a little slow, but I did finish it. I won’t look for other books by this author, but if I see one she wrote that interests me, I would read it.

If I had to describe it, I’d call it a baby boomer coming of age story. I can’t say I related at all to any of the characters. Even though their challenges are not mine it was still mildly interesting to read about them.

On to book four, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan. There are recipes in the back for things like Chocolate Mousse.

Never read this author, but all the book cover blurbs say the book is funny. I could use some funny in my life right now.

If this experiment has done nothing else, it got me reading some different authors and genres than I usually read. I’m thinking of expanding my random selections to the non-fiction and the young adult sections of the library. The non-fiction might be a little tricky. I doubt I could read a book on engine repair cover to cover. The biography section would also be a good choice.

So many books to choose from. The library never gets old.

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