The Other Side

So far this week hasn’t been very productive. I quilted the other side of the Market Bag, which went better and faster than the first side. I even trimmed away the extra backing and batting. I took a picture of the back because the quilting shows better.

market-bag-backI don’t have that much more to do, just been busy with other things. Sad that an afternoon bag project turned into a three-month event.

I thought I wanted to start a new project (not on The Short List) and pulled out a bunch of fabric. Then I decided I didn’t like the colors together and should finish some of what I already started, and put it all back. That was probably for the best. Then I thought about a pattern I saved for a Christmas table runner that I can’t find anywhere. I know I kept it.

The scary thing is that I’m more organized than I was a couple months ago.

Update: I found the pattern hiding in a magazine in the Treasure Basket.

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