Stitching To Dye #2 Top

I finished this top last night.

q2d2-topI didn’t plan to add horizontal borders, but the quilt told me it needed them. It was feeling a little short and wide. I could relate, so I went ahead and added them.
I also cut the backing and found a smaller piece of muslin to throw in the dye bath for the sleeve. I didn’t dye sleeve fabric last time, but learned from the mistake.
Once it’s quilted, this piece will be dyed twice. The first color will be turquoise and I’m thinking the second will be chino. I usually do two color dyes at the same time, but the instructions say to dye one color, rinse, and wash in Retayne, and then dye the second color. It will take longer, but I’m curious to see how it turns out.
I want to finish this piece and move on to the next. I already have fun ideas on what to do with the third quilt in the series.

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