Compelled, And A Mom Update

After a lot of tests and a trip to the doctor, I think we’ve hit a better place with mom’s health. She seems to be on the upswing. It may not last, but I’ll take the reprieve. Maybe now I can start thinking about the holidays.

The extra time off around the holidays is my favorite time to make big progress on quilting projects.

Right before Thanksgiving I brought these adorable mini nine patch blocks home from the guild charity quilt table. I don’t know why, but I’m drawn to other people’s unfinished projects. I’d love to save them all, but I only pick up the ones that speak to me. Both those projects and the women that work the charity table do a whole lot of talking, and I’ve picked up more than a few.

book-and-blocksI started wondering just how many I had picked up and cringed when I realized I had all this.

safehouse-projectsIn my own defense, the top box is only visiting. I “adopted” it after the last meeting, which means I store it until the next meeting and then take it back. It does not live here long term.

I either had to start sewing something up or else take it all back, so I opted to start sewing. I’d picked up a whole bag of blue and white squares a couple meetings ago. I decided that would be the first project I’d finish.

rwb-brick-blocksI did take some red and dark blue fabrics out of the visiting box to use in the quilt because I don’t have a lot of either. Well, maybe I do but I didn’t want to spend hours looking for them.

This is the project I work on when I’m too tired to think and sew at the same time.

Now I have fabric organization on the brain and may need to add that to my 2017 goals. Finishing projects would be a lot easier if I could find what I need quickly.

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