2017 Get It Done Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hosting a “Get It Done Challenge” in 2017. Participants list 12 UFOs and on the first of each month Judy will pick a number and that’s the one we all work on that month. It’s a basic UFO challenge.
I’ve done these challenges a few times with mixed results. A few years ago I finished three or four UFOs that way. I think I even did Judy’s challenge several years ago and knocked 8 UFOs off the list. I know I’m going to work on UFOs anyway, so might as well have some fun with it.
For this challenge I’m defining a UFO as a quilt I’ve worked on or any quilt I bought or adopted that someone else has worked on. These are all projects that someone has started and I want to finish.
1. The embroidered bear blocks. The embroidery is done and the quilt needs set together and finished.

bear-blocks-finished2. The Rose Hughes class quilt. The embroidery needs finished and the sleeve added.

rh-bound3. The color study. If I could figure out what it needs I would have finished it already.

color-challenge-base4. The Quilt Addicts Anonymous block of the month. I have three months worth of blocks done and nine more to go. I’m putting it on the list three times because some of those blocks have over 60 pieces, and some months I need to make 15 blocks. The least amount of blocks for any month is two. I could have made up the whole list from this project.

bom-february5. QAA block of the month

bom-may6. QAA block of the month

april-16-bom7. One of the cat quilts. There are enough pieces cut for three quilts, but I’ll stick with one.

cat-scraps8. Applewood Farms block of the month from 2009. The pieced blocks are made (two of each), but there are setting blocks and appliqué. I want to add trapunto in the open spaces. I’m putting this one on the list twice because it needs so much work.

af-bom-20099. Applewood Farms BOM 2009
10. The current Safehouse quilt with the blue and white squares

rwb-brick-blocks11. Another Safehouse quilt. I have plenty of orphan bits to pick from in the two banker’s boxes I showed in the last post.

safehouse-projects12. Yet another Safehouse quilt. Did I mention I have two banker’s boxes of UFO pieces from the charity table sitting in my sewing room?
I will never get all these quilts done, but I will get some of them done and that’s good enough for me.
There’s a link up at Patchwork Times I you want to play along.

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2 Responses to 2017 Get It Done Challenge

  1. AnnieO says:

    Clever you for marking projects for two months. I may amend my list to do the same!

  2. Kate says:

    A great list of projects. I’ve adopted the mantra that “progress is progress even if it’s not a finish”. Moving things along counts a lot in my book. Wishing you lots of progress on your list for 2017.

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