While We’re Talking UFOs…

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I have two boxes of quilty bits from the guild charity table. People donate all kinds of fabrics, orphan blocks and kitted quilts for someone else to complete. The quilts go to the local battered women’s shelter. Every woman and child that stays there receives a quilt that they take when they leave. I love the idea of wrapping someone that has suffered abuse in the comfort of a quilt. It saddens me that this one shelter goes through about 300 quilts a year.

I don’t remember sharing many pictures of the various blocks that insisted they come home with me, so I decided to share what I have to pick from when the Safehouse UFO numbers come up.

deco-blocksThere are quite a few of these blocks and yardage to match, but no pattern. If you recognize the pattern, please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll have fun figuring out what to do with these.

wildlife-panelThe African wildlife blocks are large, and there are enough for two quilts. The liberated blocks just have to fit in with them somehow.

trianglesPiles of shapes are a toy box for the imagination. You never know where they will take you.

cat-blocksThe cat blocks came with a pattern but no fabric. The enabler working the charity table told me I HAD to take them because she knew I’d love them. I do love them, and she’s very good at finding homes for those projects.

book-and-blocksAnd of course the baby nines that I showed when they came home with me. Who could resist?

It would feel good to get a few of these finished and in the hands of people that need them. The real trick is to not pick up any more of these goodies until I finish the ones I have.

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