Stitching To Dye #2 Reveal

Here it is in all its bright blue glory.

s2d2-dyedI admit it’s not my favorite quilt, but it’s growing on me. I had a lot of surprises when this one came out of the dye bath. The list of what I learned the second time around is longer than what I learned the first time.

  • I need to throw a piece of the backing fabric into the dye bath for the sleeve, not just any old fabric. The fabric off to the side is the sleeve fabric. The back dyed the color of the darkest nine patch squares.
  • I should not use gray as a neutral when I plan on dying the quilt a bright color.
  • Heavily printed WOW fabric is a bad idea.
  • Not all tan neutrals dye equally. Some took the dye well and became the dark fabrics in the quilt. Others have that weird limey-gold tinge.
  • Buying scrap bags is not doing me any favors. They generally contain small pieces of a lot of fabrics. I don’t know the manufacturer, and I don’t have enough scraps to repeat the fabrics in the next quilt. Basically, I learn very little from working with those fabrics. Scrap bags have a place, just not in these quilts.

On the plus side, the quilting design worked out really well. It gave the piece a lot of texture. Using two different threads in the quilting made no difference even though one was a polyester blend.

I also find I’m thinking ahead. I decided on the block pattern for the next quilt before I had the borders on this one. It’s helpful to read the next chapter and know the next destination.

I’ve been dyeing fabric for ten years and have learned more than I thought possible from these experiments. It just goes to show there is always something new to learn.

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1 Response to Stitching To Dye #2 Reveal

  1. Dar in MO says:

    I think your dyeing project turned out nice and it’s always fun to learn new things from old favorites. I have done a little dyeing, but not to the extent that you do. I would love to dye some alpaca wool yarn that was brought back from Peru by a friend last summer. It is just waiting for me to take the plunge, but since I haven’t dyed anything for years (and then only with an instructor), I’m afraid of ruining it. Maybe this year is the one I’ll try. It won’t get used if I don’t make it pretty and bright colors. lol

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