Laying Bricks

I missed posting on Wednesday due to technical difficulties. It seems computer screens only work if you have a functioning video card.
On the quilting front, I finished sewing and re-sewing the brick blocks, trimmed them up and laid them out.

rwb-bricks-centerThe pattern is Bricks – RWB by Mary Johnson. It still needs borders, but I can never figure those out until I have the center sewn.
The pattern worked out even though I sewed a couple blocks wrong. Not sure how that happened, or how one block was so crooked I had to take it apart and try again.
This quilt is on my 2017 Get It Done challenge list, but was not the January quilt to finish. Working ahead is a good thing.
Cuddles thinks so too.

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One Response to Laying Bricks

  1. Dar in MO says:

    That is a great looking quilt. Would be good as a Quilts of Valor too. Might have to keep it in mind for a future one to use up RWB scraps, Congrats on getting a UFO done.

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