Another Small Finish

One of my January Short List goals was to try out a rug pattern by making a small hot pad.
I decided to use a pattern I found in a 1970s woman’s magazine that used fabric strips crocheted around clothesline. If you have ever tried to make something using the instructions found in those old magazines, you know that you might as well not have any instructions at all. I ended up adapting the pattern for a rug crocheted with fabric strips and no clothesline from a rug book I picked up at the thrift shop.

hot-padI like the sturdiness the clothesline provides. I found the strips a tad too wide (.75 inches) for my size J crochet hook. I had to fudge a lot to get it flat. The clothesline added dimension and the stitch increases didn’t quite work out.
I love this method for a hot pad, but I’m not sure about using it for a rug. I’m concerned that the clothesline will stay damp if there are spills and it might not launder well. Since I want to make a rug for the kitchen, launder-ability is a must.
I’m leaning towards narrower fabric strips, crochet and no clothesline for the next attempt. I will say this technique uses a ton of fabric. It’s a great way to use scraps or those old stash fabrics that will never find their way into a quilt.

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2 Responses to Another Small Finish

  1. It is pretty. My husband is putting holes in his jeans like crazy, wonder how using jean material would work…

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