What If Wednesday: Art Supply Play

It’s been a while….
In January I decided to change The Short List Creative Play category to Art Supply Play. I wanted to use up some of my art supply stash, especially those things that have a shelf life.
The hard thing about such a general topic is getting started. The more I thought about it, the more I thought some guidelines or limits might help me decide what to make each month.
The first thing I did was brainstorm in my idea journal. In no time, I had a page and a half of ideas.
I started with a list of themes that related to my word of the year. That led me to the four elements and colors associated with them. From there I had ideas to use that theme and those colors in modified traditional blocks.
After that I listed all the art supplies or techniques I wanted to try.
Next came a list of topics that lend themselves to working in series. The idea of making one block a month followed. I did consider that I might want to use multiple techniques on one block, which means that one block would cover multiple months. I also looked at making a whole cloth quilt by adding to the design each month.
At this point I stopped, realizing I had enough ideas for the next five years. There are a lot of good ideas in that list, but sometimes a girl has to make a choice.
I decided to go with a simple shape and a calendar quilt theme. Each block will include the colors and objects typical of the season in my area of the country, expressed using the simple shape.
In order to keep the length of this post manageable, I’ll reveal the first block and describe the technique in my next post.

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