Stash Report And Adjusting

No fabric in or out this week.

After a long, slow decline, my mother passed away last weekend. Most of the week was spent on services and their planning. Even though she didn’t live with us, I took care of many things for her for several years. She was an everyday part of our family and will be missed.

I worked on the crochet rug because I needed to keep it mindless this week. I finally got the knack of it, and it’s going faster. Crocheting with fabric strips is a lot different from crocheting with yarn.

rug-in-processI cut up almost four yards of fabric into one-inch strips and won’t have enough for a small rug. It will be a nice bust once I finish it.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 6.75 yards

Fabric out: 1.125 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 5.625 yards

Yarn In: 0

Yarn Out: 2 yards

Net Yarn Used: 2 yards

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2 Responses to Stash Report And Adjusting

  1. Carol Mantel-Miller says:

    Sorry for your loss, sending prayers for your family. Carol

  2. Dar in MO says:

    So sorry to hear about your mother passing. My prayers and condolences are with you and your family. Your crocheted rug is coming along nicely. I do like the colors you have started it with too. I’m seriously thinking about doing some rug making to use up old, ugly stash from my first years into quilting. I know I’d have enough for a room size rug if there was a way to handle it. 🙂

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