What If Wednesday: Art Supply Play Con’t

In my last WIW post, I described how I decided to go with a simple shape and a calendar quilt theme for an Art Supply Play series. Each block will include the colors and objects typical of the season in my area of the country, expressed using a simple shape.

The simple shape for this year is a heart.

I decided the blocks could be any size, square or rectangular, as long as the sides finished to an even number of inches (4, 6, 8, etc.). I have no other rules beyond that.

Here is the January block.

jan-17-heartI used a sea sponge to apply the blue and then stenciled snowflakes in pewter. The snowflake shapes disappeared into the blue, but I still like the effect. It just wasn’t the best idea ever. I used freezer paper for the heart stencil.

The colors remind me of the icy cold of Ohio winters.

I meant to get back to it and do something with the background, but life got in the way.

It felt good to play with the fabric paints again. I really miss it when I don’t.

I know what I want to do for February, but it might get pushed into March. I’m running out of month.

Working on one idea automatically generates more ideas. It will be interesting to see where this project takes me.

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1 Response to What If Wednesday: Art Supply Play Con’t

  1. Warm Quilts says:

    What a great way to keep creative – your simple shapes will make a lovely calendar themed quilt.

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