Stash Report And Sharp Things

No fabric in or out this week. No problem, I will have a couple finishes in the next few weeks.

I pulled out the March UFO last night to find my place. I had some units pieced and some pieces cut, but not enough of anything to make a block. I cut enough pieces to make four blocks, which will put me at 7 of 14 blocks done.

feb-blocks-qaabom16I pulled a stupid and nicked myself with the rotary cutter. I’d already cut myself earlier in the day doing something not at all related to quilting and decided maybe I should save working with sharp objects for another day.

I’m on the home stretch of the rug project, but don’t think I have enough strips cut. If I am able to cut responsibly today I will work on that too.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 6.75 yards

Fabric out: 4.875 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 1.875 yards

Yarn In: 0

Yarn Out: 2 yards

Net Yarn Used: 2 yards

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3 Responses to Stash Report And Sharp Things

  1. melfunkm says:

    Love that block. I need to make one for the rainbow scrap challenge that is similar.

  2. Very pretty block – hope it doesn’t sting too much where you nicked yourself, sometimes those can hurt as much as a real cut!

  3. Gayle Kush says:

    Those are looking nice! I lopped the tip of my finger off with the cutter once. Not good. Nothing they can do for that but I did go to quick care because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Took 45minutes of the doc putting extreme pressure on it to get it to quit. Nothing to stitch. Throbbed like the dickens too! Be careful!

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