A Finish And No Way To Talk About It

I finished the rug this week, which had me doing a serious happy dance.

The next day we got hit by 60-mile an hour winds and a pole went down up the road. We lost cable/internet for the next 24 hours. I am grateful the pole didn’t close our part of the road and even more grateful we didn’t lose power.

I’ve had a lot of questions on the rug and plan to post a tutorial sometime in the near future. It ended up being a hybrid of three different rug patterns. That way I included all the things I liked and left out all the things I didn’t.

I may make another one of these rugs later this year. Once I got past the cutting, I really enjoyed the process.

I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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2 Responses to A Finish And No Way To Talk About It

  1. Dar in says:

    Your rug turned out very nice. The colors look peaceful and soothing and go well together. What size did it turn out to be?

  2. Nancy B. says:

    Great fabric rug! The colors are so nicely random–no pooling. Fun!

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