Stash Report And Borders

No fabric in this week. I finished the rug for another 3.75 yards out. If you missed the picture in the last post, here it is again.

Now I’m adding borers to the Safehouse quilt. It’s another project that has taken forever, and I just want it done.

The border fabric came off the charity table. It’s a very long not-so-wide piece, which means the borders are on the straight of grain. I’ve never cut borders like that before. Many pattern instructions say to do it that way, and now I understand why. They are some of the flattest borders I’ve ever sewn. Live and learn.

Look at me in the black for the first time in years! I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 6.75 yards

Fabric out: 8.625 yards

Net Fabric USED: 1.875 yards

Yarn In: 0

Yarn Out: 2 yards

Net Yarn Used: 2 yards

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3 Responses to Stash Report And Borders

  1. I’ve also started to cut my borders on the length of grain rather than the cross grain. They do lay flatter, so much less stretch that way…. If I’m using the same fabric in the blocks, I cut the length of the borders first, and then cut for my blocks from the pieces left down the center of the fabric. I can still cut strips and squares. I originally thought it would take more fabric, but not usually… 2 yards gets the length I usually need for my side borders,, then I cut the top and bottoms, this still leaves nearly 20 inches of fabric near the fold that is 2 yards long.

  2. Congrats on reaching the black. Happy stitching this week.

  3. CharLene S says:

    Being in the black always feels good but for me seldom lasts long.

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