The Beginnings Of S2D3

Sounds like a science project or a new drug study….

Actually, it’s me pulling fabric for the Stitching To Dye Quilt #3.

In this round I need to use black and white prints, solid black, 100% cotton trims and the baseline neutrals. I will also dye this piece twice with the first dye bath in a primary color.

This is what I’ve pulled and pressed so far.

I’m giving myself more leeway on this one. One of the prints has blue in it, and another is pink and gray. Some of my neutrals are more yellow or green than white or cream. There are some obvious tans here. I cut way back on the white on white fabrics, mostly to keep it all from becoming a hot mess.

I also think I want to plan my fabric placement a bit. My Art Quilt Group suggested that defeats the point of the experiment, but I think not. I could never guess how all the fabrics will take the dye. I just want there to be a design element to this round.

I’ve decided the first dye run will be yellow, unless I change my mind.

I also decided to use my new hatchet ruler to make the blocks, with strip pieced fabric in the center.

I’m going to have fun with this one.

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