Being Flexible

I finished January’s Art Supply Play block by adding silver crayon applied over a rubbing plate and outlining the heart with embroidery. Doesn’t the crayon look like frost on a window?

It feels a little plain, but I don’t want to add embellishments until after it’s quilted. That leaves me more quilting options and I won’t have to work around sparkly things.

I backed the block with a fusible water soluble stabilizer (peel and stick kind) that turned the embroidery into a major event. I always use a tight weave fabric when I paint so that the paint stays on top. The fabric combined with the stabilizer made the stitching extremely difficult.   It was a live and learn moment.

I decided not to worry about “catching up” the months I’m behind. I’ll work on the February block in April and go from there. I know what I want to do and have a good idea how to do it.

Sometimes ideas need to evolve at their own pace. I see no good reason to rush it.

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