What I Learned This Week When I Wasn’t Quilting

One: I have some seriously ugly scraps that I need to use up and get out of here. Some of the colors aren’t to my taste anymore. Once I combine them with other fabrics I expect they will look fine.
Two: I cannot work on designing two creative projects at the same time. I need a certain amount of continuity to develop an idea. Switching back and forth just frustrates me.
Three: I need to start forcing myself to go in the sewing room every night again. June totally got away from me. How could July be less than a week away? There isn’t anything going on that is keeping me out of the sewing room, I’ve just been letting the nights get away from me.
And that’s about enough insight for one week.

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3 Responses to What I Learned This Week When I Wasn’t Quilting

  1. Perhaps the reason you had these insights is because you took a step away…different times and seasons in our lives are part of the rhythm of things and probably healthy. ps–It is OK to pass fabric on to someone who will love it more than you do. I am not sure there is any ugly fabric, but some of it hasn’t found the right home yet.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    One tip: SMALL pieces for the uglies. LOL

  3. I often choose clashing uglies on purpose especially in string quilts–I guess it is like double negatives because the results are positive! 🙂

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