Those Darn Cats

The cat quilt is moving forward again after a small delay.
When I went to sew the last logs on the sides of the blocks, this is what I discovered.
short strip
And yes, I had cut almost all of them and of course, I was out of fabric.
I couldn’t figure out how that had happened until I discovered this.
block compare
The upper block is the one I made and the lower block was the one that was in the bag when I bought it. Somewhere I got slightly off course.
This is what happens when you have a picture of the pattern and no pattern. The original quilter probably had the pattern, it just didn’t make it into the bag I bought.
I laid all the blocks out again to figure out what I needed to sew to keep the colors in the right place and then started sewing replacement blocks for the five originals. I have enough cat fabric to make three quilts. Those can go in one of the other ones.
I scoured the stash and found a piece of muslin to use to re-cut the logs. I ran out of that too, so these last four blocks should get interesting.
Definitely a thinking quilt disguised as mindless sewing.

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1 Response to Those Darn Cats

  1. If you don’t mind seams in your logs, you could resew the miscut sections together and recut so that the seams aren’t right there at the end. Hope that made sense. That would allow you to salvage what you’ve already gotten done. I’ve done that a few times when fabric is tight. Once the quilting is in place, you tend not to notice those “extra” seams.

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