Adventure Class

A few weeks ago I took a class called “Further Adventures In Free Form Piecing” and never got around to posting what I made. The class was taught by a fellow guild member and was one of the funnest classes I have ever taken.
First we made curvy blocks. I know I made something similar years ago. I will have to look for those.
curvy blocks
Next we made quarter circle blocks.
quarter circles
These were by far my favorite. I intend to play around with the technique more, only with smaller blocks.
Next we made leaves.
I love the look but did not enjoy making them. Maybe someday I’ll revisit them and see if I feel different.
After that we could experiment, so I made acorn blocks. I decided to applique the stems later rather than piece them in.
acorn blocks
Those were fun in a more playful way.
I also had an idea for a lady bug that I didn’t get to. I might try that on my own.
I don’t have plans for any of these blocks. I know they won’t all go in the same project and hope I didn’t just start four new projects. It reinforces the must-sew-more-to-finish-things-up idea.

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3 Responses to Adventure Class

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    That was a great class! I took it 2 years ago. The leaves were by far my favorite part. They actually got finished. Each kne individually.

  2. CharLene S says:

    Those acorns are neat!

  3. Kate says:

    Ooh, I like those leaves! Looks like a great class to experiment in.

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