Eye Opener

This week moved at the speed of light.
The defining moment was my half hour search for misty fuse. I knew I had it, but I moved it and couldn’t remember where I put it. I went through just about everything before I found it. Afterward, I wondered just how many projects I had sitting around.
Then I made the mistake of counting.
There were 18. That did not include projects in the UFO boxes or the ones in boxes on the shelf. Some of those projects are piles of fabric with no work completed. They could fade away in the next few months. It’s not officially a UFO until I start working on it.
However it happened it needs to stop, and I definitely need to finish projects before I start anything else. I’d hate to see the UFO list double when updated at the end of the year.
Those 18 projects should give me plenty of variety. I refuse to take anything else out of the UFO boxes until the number decreases.
Here’s a picture of the sewing room from several years ago, when I thought it was a cluttered mess.
I only wish it looked like this now.

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3 Responses to Eye Opener

  1. quiltinggail says:

    Sew. show us what it looks like now! 🙂 🙂

  2. Joyce Crabtree says:

    I always get frustrated when I can’t find something, especially after I move it!

  3. dezertsuz says:

    It’s what happens when you like a lot of different techniques and designs. I figure that the things that are started that no longer interest me can be given away. I’ve learned or otherwise gotten from them what I wanted or needed. No need to run it into the ground by finishing. I can always find someone who wants to have it. The one thing I refuse to do is feel bad because I have some unfinished projects, even a lot of them. I finish a lot that never make it on to any list anywhere, and that works okay for me. Don’t beat yourself up over having lots of projects that aren’t finished. If it bothers you, sort those fabrics back into where ever they go, and subtract that from the total. I don’t think your family is starving because of your fabric stash!

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