Learning QAL August Results

My August goal was to make a small collage piece. Mission accomplished!
caddy back
I meant to take a picture before I turned it into a coupon caddy, but I forgot.
Small scraps of mostly vintage fabric were fused to felt, machine stitched, hand embroidered, and stamped with paint. It took less time than I thought it would.
I tried new to me embroidery stitches and stamping with acrylic paint rather than fabric paint.
For such a small piece, I learned a lot. When the stitch bible says to mark chalk lines on your embroidery to guide your stitching, you should mark chalk lines. I won’t ignore that advice again.
Turning a collage piece into an item that will take heavy use limits the materials you can use. I didn’t think beads or yarn would hold up well over time because they would snag on things.
It’s important to read the pattern for the end product before embellishing. I didn’t, and stitched hand embroidery in places that were meant to be trimmed away. I had to modify the pattern to work around that.
Acrylic paint stamps a crisper image than fabric paint, but it dries fast and is harder to clean out of intricate rubber stamps.
Choosing what to make with my collage before starting worked out well. I didn’t want yet one more project languishing in the UFO boxes.
I consider the experiment a success. I’m grateful for the motivation to try something new and have been thinking about my goal for the September QAL. I’m hoping more people decide to join the fun.

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4 Responses to Learning QAL August Results

  1. Hi Donna, I’m so glad that you learned so much! Those are great lessons and you have a lovely coupon caddy to use. I think that I liked that idea the best – to figure out what you want to do with your fabric once you’ve done playing 🙂 I am thrilled that you were able to link up for both the goal setting and the sum up. I’m not sure how to get in touch we you to get your mailing address. Can you please send me an email at quiltinglearningcombo (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks and congrats on a great learning project!

  2. Denise Waterfield says:

    I checked out the QAL and saw that you were the August winner!! Congratulations!!

  3. Dar in Mo says:

    I like that you turned your experiment and learning project into something useful. I feel the same way about trying new techniques and then they sit in a box unused and never see the light of day. That coupon saver is a great idea.

  4. Kate says:

    A great end product from your experiment. Very pretty.

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