Biding Time

Life is getting in the way of everything this week. I’ve only been in the sewing room to iron my work clothes. After a few more days of this nonsense, life should even out a bit and I will have more time to sew.
Meanwhile, I’ve done a little embroidery, but not enough to post a new picture. I’ve also been reading this book.
I’m fascinated by the way she thinks about design. I never gave much thought to how many pieces are in her quilts, but there are a lot. She truly doesn’t mind all those fussy little pieces either. That was a revelation.
When I don’t have the time or the energy to quilt, reading about it is the next best thing.

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1 Response to Biding Time

  1. Kate says:

    Hope things slow down soon. I hate weeks/months/years that are so busy it’s hard to get into the sewing room.

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