February’s Round Robin

I was on a roll last weekend.
I finished adding to this month’s round robin. Here’s what it looked like when I received it.
surface design round robin 4Here’s what it looks like now (added upper left).
sdrr4 done
This is the smallest piece I’ve had so far, maybe 14” square.
We’ve had a lot of discussions at our meetings about the need to rein ourselves in. It would have been easy to do a lot more stitching on this piece, but a dozen more people need to add to it. We have to all be mindful to leave space for everyone else to work.
I cut circles from hand painted fabric and attached them with french knots. The circles and french knots are repeats of other designs on the piece.
On to the next……

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3 Responses to February’s Round Robin

  1. Marti says:

    That’s pretty. Are all the flowers made of hand-painted fabric? What will your group do with the finished quilt?

  2. Kate says:

    That’s going to be a gorgeous finish!

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